Earn cash back on your technology trade-up

The KBS Asset Buyback Program

Did you just upgrade your technology across your organization? Are you planning an upgrade? Earn cash back with the KBS Asset Buyback Program.

We buy. You benefit.

Reinvest in your organization or earn funds to put toward your new lease. We offer fair, trusted pricing and pick up your equipment from your location at no cost to you.

  • Pricing based on fair-market value and equipment condition
  • Reduced upgrade disruption
  • No more on-site storage problems
  • Safe, secure, legal disposal—with zero touch

What we buy

We buy functioning technology equipment in good condition being returned at the end of a lease or that you’re taking out of service because of age. We accept products by all major manufacturers. Best of all, we can work with you no matter what company holds your new lease.




We evaluate all equipment on a graded scale from A (good condition) to D (poor). The buyback pricing we offer is based on this scale.

Wait and it could be too late

Earn the most cash back when you act quickly. Most technology equipment has a lifespan of two to three years. Its value depreciates quickly. So, don’t store it—act now.

Recycling made easy

Dispose of old, damaged, or non-functioning equipment properly and legally. We offer asset disposition and recycling services by weight and pick equipment up from your location.

Earn more with KBS

Not all buyback programs are created equal. Earn more with our certified technology
professionals and our evaluation process.

  • Vendor-agnostic

    Offering buyback and recycling services for products by all major manufacturers—through a single source

  • Accurate estimates

    Receive a more accurate estimate with an on-site visit from our staff—available to organizations in the Chicago metro and tri-state area

  • Experienced staff

    Realize more value with the expertise offered by our certified technology professionals

  • Fast service

    Arrange buyback or recycling quickly with our streamlined evaluation process

Earn cash back now

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