Wondering How our Technology Buy Back Program Works?

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of devices do you buy? Do you take desktops, printers or other devices?

We purchase
  • laptops
  • desktops
  • notebooks
  • mobile phones
  • tablets

More FAQ’s

  • How long does the process take? Can you describe the typical turnaround?

    Once we receive the inventory information (make, model, part number and quantity) we provide a quote within 72 hours.  Once the quote is accepted, we can pick-up the equipment within 7 days of that date.

    Our final valuation and reconciliation is typically completed within 5 days, then a payment is made for the agreed upon assets and valuation within 60 days (often much faster) depending on the quantity of devices we are buying.

  • How much involvement does my team or staff have to have in this process?

    We only need your team to provide the make, model, part number and quantity.  When you agree to sell your units, we will dispatch our team to pick up the equipment.  We simply ask that all the equipment to be sold is moved to a central location for us to pick-up from.

  • Who packs things up? Do you send shipping containers, boxes or other packing materials?

    KBS will send our team to box-up the equipment.  Some customers have asked to pack up their own devices and we can provide packing materials at no cost to them

  • Are there organization that I may know, who've also done this or are considering this?

    We have worked with thousands of schools, businesses and organizations during our 28 years in business and have deployed and removed more than 1 million computing devices.  Organizations are enthusiastically providing inventory lists for our program and excited about the prospect of finding new cash to be used for their daily needs.

  • How can I be assured the devices are wiped and disposed of properly?

    We provide data-erasure on each device that meets the U.S. Department of Defense standards. You’ll receive an official certificate of erasure to document this. If units have to be recycled, we provide a certificate for this service as well, to ensure they were disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. 

  • What's the going rate now for Chromebooks, laptops or iPads?

    Each device has an associated value that depends on age, make, model, processor speed, screen size and overall physical condition and functional fitness. Once we collect this information from you, we’ll be able to provide a detailed quote based on current market value.

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