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Technology upgrades can cause big headaches. That’s why we offer comprehensive support for every stage from new purchase configuration to asset disposition, to help our customers buy and dispose of IT equipment efficiently and quickly with no guesswork at any point in the process.

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Why work with KBS

Gain the KBS Advantage

Working with KBS sets you up for success at any stage in the technology lifecycle, from new orders through asset disposition.

  • We deliver on customer promises with confidence that every device works when they receive it.
  • Save time and increase productivity with a guaranteed 0% DOA rate
  • Capture unique make, model, and serial data for accurate reporting requirements
  • Make technology upgrades simpler with streamlined buyback and asset disposition

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Configuration and integration

Guarantee all equipment works before it ever reaches your hands. Our expert technicians will receive and test your equipment, capture all unique data, and prepare it for installation.

  • Save deployment time with testing and pre-configuration
  • Ensure success, save money with 0% DOA rate
  • Complete customization before products reach your customers
  • Record make, model, serial number, and other data for future reference
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Order consolidation and distribution

Receive all equipment in a single, streamlined delivery. We organize your products to minimize disruption and speed deployment.

  • Ensure better customer experience
  • Reduce deployment chaos and complexity
  • Save time and cut down on confusion
  • Minimize physical storage space needs
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Plan for a smooth on-site deployment process with our help. We manage all aspects to ensure a successful deployment that reduces the risk of equipment failure – and enables you to exceed expectations.

  • Increase confidence with a deployment schedule, scope of service, and plan
  • Reduce the risk of device failure
  • Ensure minimal customer disruption
  • Speed deployment process completion
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Asset disposition

Arrange easy, safe disposition of old equipment. When we handle asset disposition, our process requires zero touch from you – and ensures outgoing devices are properly handled, with all data secured.

  • Don’t know what to do with old equipment? We make disposition easy.
  • Handle safe, secure, sustainable disposal with zero touch
  • Gain access to our buyback program with fair, trusted pricing
  • Protect customers with secure, certified data erasure
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Integration Center Services

Plan for and execute more successful deployments with our team of dedicated technicians, engineers, and project managers at our 16,000-square-foot facility. Our engineers work with your team to test new software and hardware, confirm relevant updates are applied, and ensure compatibility of new operating systems and components.

  • Reduce on-site deployment disruption and save time and cost
  • Avoid the need for on-site staging space with access to our facility
  • Use order consolidation and kitting for faster, smoother delivery and deployment
  • Minimize on-site deployment time with complete, expert pre-configuration
  • Reduce risk by establishing and maintaining a 0% DOA rate
  • Eliminate on-site compatibility testing and problems with existing software and systems
  • Rely on our experts for troubleshooting, product receiving, and other services that boost efficiency
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What our clients are saying

Fortune 1000 Enterprise

Our company is used to handling the procurement and deployment of computing devices during inventory refreshes. Our technical services team however, needed a quick and efficient means to dispose of existing equipment, some of which was out of warranty and being stored in one of our existing facilities. Per regulatory standards, we have to properly dispose of technology products in a “responsible” way, ensuring user and company data was erased and that the equipment would not end up in a landfill. We had worked with KBS in the past on an un-related engagement and was familiar with them providing disposition services. We worked with Michael Brown of KBS to develop a plan that included data erasure and disposal.

KBS successfully picked up, recorded asset information, wiped our devices of sensitive data and disposed of it in short order. The convenience and sense of security provided by KBS was invaluable. We have already notified their team of our decision to utilize their services again as our equipment ages and is being replaced.

Large school district customer

Our school district purchased 4,000 new CHROMEBOOK computers for our students and staff. One of the challenges we had was limited space to be able to receive new computers, then get them ready for student use by putting our asset tags on them as well as documenting the information for each one and having it ready to submit to the state for reporting. We worked with KBS and “they completed all of these tasks” and more before we received any of our computers.

This was significant as we did not have the staff nor time to accomplish these tasks on our own. We were able to assign our new computers that same day KBS delivered them “which meant our students could” immediately continue their daily lesson plans and instructions.

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